Embedded Developers Pages

Welcome. Here you can find info about CAN, uC, and more.

Welcome to the embedded developers pages, a site which concentrates on providing information for software development on embedded systems, with an emphasis on microcontroller systems.

Currently this site contains four sections:

  1. Take a look at the CAN information page
  2. Information on In Circuit Emulators (ICEs) can be found here.
  3. An introductionary page on real time operating system basics and one to real time concepts.
  4. A link page is of course a necessity.

I will try to continuously improve this site and add more information concerning embedded systems. As I am working full time (and more) I do not have as much time for this as I would want. If you have suggestions or material that you think could be published here, please send me a mail. Contributions will be received with gratitude.

I, Staffan Nilsson, can be contacted at publicinfo@staffannilsson.eu