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CAN information

CAN, Controller Area Network, is a bus which was originally developed for the car industry, but has been widely adopted also in industrial applications. Its creators were Bosch and Intel.

Download the CAN Specification ver 2.0 here.

  • Bosch is where it all started...
  • The CAN pages of M J Schofield are very informative with information about CAN, useful links, information about seminars...
  • The home page of CiA (CAN in Automation, not the Central Intelligence Agency). Includes CAN information, standardization of application layers, profile groups.
  • Kvaser CAN Pages have some information about CAN
  • Philips is one of the major players in the CAN industry.
  • The Open DeviceNet Vendor Association can be found here ODVA Online.

CAN Hardware

CAN Chip Information

  • A CAN product guide at CiA lists stand-alone CAN controllers as well as ones built into microcontrollers, trancievers and more.

Other CAN Products

  • LAWICEL Soft&Hardware make and sell Single Board Computers and CAN interfaces, as well as help with hardware and software design.
  • Vector Informatik make CAN interface hardware as well as CAN analysers.
  • Spacetools contains information not only on development tools for Infineon microcontrollers, but also on CAN tools.


Development tools

In circuit emulators

  • For in circuit emulators I have very good experience of Lauterbach products.
  • Hitex are also big in the ICE business.
  • Nohau is a well known ICE manufacturer.
  • ISystems is another manufacturer.
  • Swedish company EM Teknik makes a cheap emulator for the Intel 8051 family, which uses the IAR C-Spy debugger.
  • Applied Microsystems has in circuit emulators, debuggers, hw-sw coverification tools and more.
  • Phyton make in circuit emulators and debuggers as well as assemblers and compilers.


  • Tasking make compilers and debuggers for several platforms.
  • Keil is another compiler manufacturer.
  • You can find the IAR site here.
  • Hi-Tech make cross-compilers for several target platforms.
  • Microtec, now part of Mentor Graphics, has the C,C++ and Java compilers for different platforms.
  • Diab Data concentrate on Motorola RISC processors, including the PowerPC. They where bought by ISI, which in turn was bought by Wind River Systems.

Real-time operating systems

  • Need a small real time operating system for a microcontroller? Check out Rubus from Arcticus Systems. It is especially suitable for safety critical systems.
  • Wind River Systems are famous for the VxWorks RTOS, and the Tornado development tools.
  • Microtec, now part of Mentor Graphics, has the VRTX RTOS.
  • Precise Software Technologies sell the MQX RTOS, debuggers and embedded I/O components like TCP/IP.
  • Lynx Real-Time Systems sell the famous Lynx RTOS, which is a UNIX-like operating systems which conforms to the POSIX standards.
  • QNX is one of the major suppliers of RTOS.
  • Realogy from LiveDevices (formerly nrtt,nrta,...) is an OSEk compliant RTOS.


  • Jungo Ltd makes the well known WinDriver tool which helps in the development of Windows drivers.They also have stacks for PnP, USB and more. Their third product area is "Residential Gateway Software".

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