Singapore/Australia 1995

After taking my Master of Science, I and the rest of STREKO 95 (STudieReseKOmmitén) went to Singapore and Australia in June 1995.


During the trip, we both made study visits to interesting companies (such as SGS Thomson, now ST Microelectronics, and Sony) and went sightseeing. At the Singapore Zoo, some of us, including our mentor, seemed to run into their families... 

monkeysWhat do you know - could it be the Sydney opera house?

During the week in Singapore, which we stayed in student dorms at the Nanyang Technical Universtiy, we managed to get a feeling for the different culture and the different way of thinking compared to the western way. It seemed to me that they had a different balance between the rights of the individual and the rights of the society, where they gave more weight to the society than we do in the west. I dont think that there is a right and a wrong way in this - it is just two different ways of life.


After the week came to and end we flew on to Sydney. After the clean and tidy city of Singapore it felt like coming home again - just looking at the the dirt and mess in the subway on the way from the airport sent that message clearly. 

That said, I liked the city very much. There was a friendly atmosphere which made everyone feel welcome. When one of our planned visits fell through, our mentor Mats Alaküla managed to get us a worthy replacement -  a technical tour of the Sydney opera house. That took us to places that tourists are normally not shown. We started at the basement and worked our way all the way to the top, just under the roof that creates that famous siluette.

Me and some of my friends went to visit to the Theatre Royal and watch the "Phantom of the Opera" which was played there. It was a marvellous play with great actor performances. Especially the phantom himself was portrayed with great care. That combined with a great singing performance made that actor my favourite. I am sorry to say that I do not know the name of that actor.

The phantom of the opera at the theatre royal

Me (to the right) next to Frasse and my other friends in front of the Theatre Royal.


After a week in Sydney the official trip was over, but most of us stayed in Australia. Me, Frasse and many of the others went up to Cairns by the great barrier rief.

That is not a place you go to in order to be lazy, but if you want to have your day full of activities such as diving, skydiving, walking into the rainforest and so on you will not be disappointed. We stayed for three weeks and the livliest memory is from when me, Frasse and Ola  went skydiving. 10000 feet. Cool!

Skydiving from 10000 feetThe hostel where we lived - international hostel



In the spring of 2000, me and two collegues went to Italy for vacation. We lived in the little fishing town of Terracina, but also went to see Rome and Pomej.


A trip to London in the autumn the next year was an excellent way of relaxing. I went with an old friend from when I studied, Darius Katz. I had been to London only once before, and that was a long time ago. I really liked the place, and after an intense time at work it was just perfect to walk all around the city and look at all the tourist attractions...


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