This page contains some links that I've collected. Remember the days where every site had its own collection of links? Time for nostalgia!

Cars - ads & spare parts

These links are concentrating on Swedish citizens.

  • Bildelsbasen - database of lots of spare part available in garages all over Sweden.
  • Blocket has lot of ads about just about everything including cars.
  • Bilweb is specialized on ads for selling and buying cars, both by private persons and car dealerships.
  • Bytbil is another Swedish used car site.
  • Motorbörsen has more ads…
  • MRF has a register that shows used cars
  • TV4 has a lot of ads about used cars in their "text-tv", which you also can find at internet.
  • Aftonbladet has a car section with famous Robert Collin. Mercedes Benz would probably call him infamous since he was the journalist who first showed the world the effect of driving the original A-klasse through a "moose-test" (it turned over).

Travel literature and sites

  • Lonely planet is a classic. Contains some information which can give you a feel for the country, but mostly hard facts about hotels, restaurants, busses and trains...
  • The Insight Guides concentrate more on describing the county, its people and culture. Superb reading which helps you to prepare before a trip! I can really recommend their guide to Peru.
  • Footprint has lots of hard facts in their travel guides. Their speciality is South America.
  • Fodors are well known trvel guides which I have never used myself.
  • Willmaguides is a Swedish alternative. They produce travel guides in the swedish language for a number of countries, often in cooperation with Lonely Planet.

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