I am Staffan Nilsson. Welcome to my web site!

pic of me This site presents work related information as well as my personal interests.

My Curriculum Vitae is available and gives a short description of my professional experience and abilities. A separate page that describes my current work at Haldex Traction and my education is also available.

I've also got the Embedded Developers Pages were you can read about the CAN bus, used in the automotive industry as well as for automation, in-circuit emulations and more. Due to lack of time it hasn't been updated in a long time but especially the CAN bus information should still be valid.

When I'm not busy with work I enjoy travelling to other continents. I've put together some pages describing my main travels. Those include trips to Peru, Ethiopia, China, South Africa and Brazil/Bolivia/Chile.

I liked all of my trips but my favourite one was probably Peru. What a great country. The nature! The people! The scenery!

Close second is Ethiopia (right). These men from the Mursi tribe are something you don't get to see every day.

Feel to take a look at the pictures, read the descriptions (were I've had the time to write some!) and get inspired here.

Pic of men from the mursi tribe

I use BOINC to donate some of my computer time to worthwhile scientific projects. It all started with the seach for extraterrestrial life (SETI@home) projects, but I have now chosen to support projects that I find are more important.

Please consider supporting one of these projects yourself! All it requires is that you allow your CPU do something useful when it would otherwise have been idle.

Dilbert Check out the Dilbert archive. The best strip seen in a long time.

Since I'm an engineer I can't resist this strip. At one time I had a problem with the IT department and at the same time there was a story about an IT department in Dilbert. It was so spot on!

Fortunatly our IT department is great nowadays - hi guys ;-)

Contact me at publicinfo@staffannilsson.eu

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